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The DOMESTIC AFFAIRS lecture series, curated by Assistant Professor Marcos Parga at Syracuse University School of Architecture, operates as a platform for the production of new spatial intelligence applied to new ways of practicing the architecture of the domestic and the collective. It promotes alternative perspectives that are frequently overlooked by architectures that observe dominant societal and disciplinary traditions, advancing knowledge on collaborative practices of urban production.
Each semester, three speakers are invited to present and discuss their latest work on these issues.

Fall Semester 2023: Fernanda Canales of
FERNANDA CANALES ARQUITECTURA (10/05/23), Felipe Correa of SOMATIC COLLABORATIVE (10/31/23), and Cristina Gamboa of LACOL (11/14/23).

Spring Semester 2023: Oliver Lütjens and Thomas Padmanabhan of LÜTJENS PADMANABHAN ARCHITEK*INNEN (3/22/23), Neeraj Bhatia of THE OPEN WORKSHOP (4/5/23), and Lexi Tsien of SOFT-FIRM (4/12/23).

Fall Semester 2022: Edgar Rodriguez of OPERADORA
(9/27/22), Laura Salazar-Altobelli & Pablo Sequero of SALAZARxSEQUEROxMEDINA (10/18/22), and Marie Stargala & Mattew Rosen of TWENTY THREE CALVIN (11/8/22).

Video animations:

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