The U-House is a project started in 2009 that has been built much slower than expected, and therefore, incorporates good and bad things of this particular “tour” extending over 6 years.

It is a small endless project located 4 hours from our office that, however, after 17 site visits, 11.872 kilometers on the road, 8 meetings in the village town hall and many more with the client, 28 records and 39 construction faxes, 1.890 mails and incalculable minutes of telephone conversations, has been able to retain its original essence avoiding the much-feared modifications.

All things considered, we could argue that the U-House, although it only appears to be four houses in one or a single plan with four sections, the typical joining strategy of functional modules initially independent whose layout reflects the need to deal with excess of plot area, a poetic metaphor consisting in that four eyes are better than two in order to adapt to surroundings, or even a single dark envelope that works by enclosing a white interior by contrast, even so, we still like to say that this house is a matter of numbers, quantity that becomes quality, the best way to measure time and show that we have taken advantage of it, the infallible method to mock the rules, but also the shortest way to adjust program and architecture reducing collateral damage.

It is, in short, our small village on the banks of the river Asón.

Marcos Parga_PO2 Arquitectos / Year: 2015 / Location: Udalla. Cantabria, Spain / Program: Housing / Type: Comission / Status: Built / Client: Private / Size: 370m2 / Photography: Ira Lombardia