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090_RRURBAN Madrid

What type of home do we deserve?

Many urbanite would think that new residential architectures should provide us with the possibility of living in the city while enjoying some of the advantages of the idealized rural environment, but without having to renounce the density and effervescence of the big cities that we like so much.
However, our everyday reality invariably shows us the opposite, and that’s why we decided to open up the design process for indeterminacy and participation.

The RRURBAN project (Really RURAL and URBAN) emerges as a possible response to this increasingly widespread hope – and broadly addressed from different fields in the last decades – in order to inoculate the benefits of single-family housing in the speculative DNA of collective housing, activating moreover issues related to participatory design.

The RRURBAN project is a repeatable system of sustainable development that easily adapts to any urban plot, based on the evidence that a neighborhood community is nothing else than an accumulation of disparate and unique realities that, unfortunately, often disappear behind the unifying veil of residential architectures.



RRURBAN #01. MADRID / January 2017

The first RRURBAN operation will take place in the center of Madrid, occupying a small plot of 385m2 that is enough to house 7 urban plots, all of them with private outdoor space (patio or terrace) and basement parking space.

The common areas (25%) provide the community with a playground, a productive greenhouse, space for barbecues, storage room and bicycle parking.

Year: 2017 / Location: Madrid, Spain / Program: Collective Housing / Type: Comission

Status: Proposal (on-going) / Client: Private / Size: 1.350m2


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