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Rebeliones Cotidianas

Herramientas retroactivas para un reseteo comunal

PLOT Magazine #58. Article,  ISSN: 1853-1997. July 2021.

The proposal delves into the heterogeneity of households and proves the multiplicity of domestic meanings with the aim of producing useful and operative knowledge related to a wide range of issues affecting communities and urban systems. It emerges as an invitation to reflect on how we might otherwise imagine and inhabit our inherited domestic spaces, and how we come together beyond the effects of this global crisis, when new forms of solidarity and care should arise and be exercised. It might then be possible to overcome social constraints and rediscover neglected relational needs and values, envisioning other forms of urban coexistence.


Essay | expanding design practices | No Density | Politics and economics 

Key words: Activism, Alternative Domesticity, City of Commons, Collective Awareness, Participation, Social Dynamics

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