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In the summer of 2002 our clients, a young couple with two children, decided to build a house for themselves.
The land occupied a broad extension located at the bottom of Foz estuary (north coast of Galicia, Spain) surrounded by thick forests of pine trees and eucalyptus that you had to cross through to arrive to the edge of the water, leaving the sun of the late afternoon at the back: an ever-changing place according to daylight and tides that will condition our proposal from the beginning.
In the first meetings they talked about the reasons why they were leaving the city to settle down in the countryside, their needs of space and landscape, and about their special interest on flat roofs and metallic materials as skins.
We responded with a single, elemental, piece to condense the essence of the natural landscape around. A thick line, parallel to the coast line,  that allows for a multiple set of views from the interior, without losing a serene exterior image.

Marcos Parga_PO2 Arquitectos / Year: 2005 / Location: Foz, Spain / Program: Housing / Type: Comission / Status: Built / Client: Private / Size: 380m2 / Photos: Angel Baltanas

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