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In 1999 our client commissioned us to segregate a plot of 5.800m2 in the rural village of Matelo, in Lugo, and build 4 single family houses to sell. In order to reduce costs, all the 4 houses should be identical.

The strategy of the developer was to start the construction of the first house [M1] and, once sold, undertake the following one.

The M1 House is built, sold and occupied. The M2 House was sold during the construction, so that it had been modified as a consequence of a bearable customization process.

In 2004, the M3 House was sold following the design and budget of the M1. Although buyers were satisfied with the features of the house, we were the ones that, after 5 years (and with the excuse that is located on the only plot with different orientation and access), decided to upgrade and slightly modify it.

We maintained the program and distribution, but redesigned the accesses and communication core in the hinge on which rotate the 2 volumes of the house to accommodate it into the plot: kitchen-living-dining room and the main bedroom in double height on one side, and children’s bedrooms next to the garage entrance on the other. The first volume moves and orients towards the views, and the second is rotated to bring the garage closer to the entrance and to open the bedrooms to sunlight.

The result of the new version is a house embedded in a slightly sloping plot, which folds up to isolate itself from its neighbors (M1, M2) and opens to the garden and views, using the continuous roof (parallel to the natural slope) to unify the two volumes. 

Marcos Parga_PO2 Arquitectos / Year: 2007 / Location: Lugo, Spain / Program: Housing / Type: Comission / Status: Built / Client: Private / Size: 224m2

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