031_Bernadette School Extension

The initial program requested by the client included a standard multi-sports court , eight classrooms (60m2 each), three seminars, and a Dance Studio. The selected plot to house the new extension provided an approximate area of ​​1500 m2. These two basic premises precisely define the overall organization of our proposal, since the area available only allowed hosting on the same level the sports court, locker rooms and dance studio, so, using the existing slope we place those spaces  half-buried,  with minimum headroom 7m and direct connection to playground level, and over them, occupying the edge of roof beams, we place the classrooms and seminars interspersed with courtyards for lighting and ventilation. 

We decided to lean the new intervention to the existing building, following indications of the client, maintaining a bus parking area in front of the street and avoiding the creation of difficult controlled areas between the two buildings. 

The result is a single volume, with perforate roof to illuminate all classrooms, covered by different types of corrugated materials (aluminum sheet, plexiglass in different finishes and concrete) to get a continuous image without edges, a friendly nature in contact with future users: children.

Marcos Parga_PO2 Arquitectos / Year: 2007 / Location: Aravaca. Madrid, Spain / Program: Educational / Type: Invited Competition. 1st Prize / Status: Built / Client: Bernadette School / Size: 2.606m2 / Budget: 2.855.798 euros / Photography: Miguel de Guzman_ImagenSubliminal