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The Expanded School

ACSA 107th ANNUAL MEETING. BLACK BOX. ARTICULATING ARCHITECTURE’S CORE IN THE POST-DIGITAL ERA. Pittsburg, PA. March 28-30, 2019. Session: Competitions. Abstract Book p.76-77

A mass media channel is a transmission medium, a system in which information travels between an emitter and a receiver. The main broadcast media are writing, radio, television and internet, and are the “places” where opinions are exchanged, critical thinking is built, previous knowledge is spread and visual and textual contents are distributed. Therefore, we can assert that, for better or worse, mass media are able to represent and reflect on the world in which we live and the people who inhabit it.
When designing our proposal for the new Center for Special Education in Madrid, our intention, beyond creating a building, has been to build a new “channel”. A space for exchange designed to explore and promote new educational trends, to enable experimental pedagogical strategies development and generate a suitable and unique environment that reinforces intellectual and physical growth of disabled children and those with special educational needs.

As a result, our building performs as a kind of test pattern, a fixed sign that was displayed when the transmitter was active but waiting to broadcast a new program. The new School will operate as a base frame of open configuration pending of programming. Our School will be a new media channel waiting to be loaded with content and capable of supporting subsequent updates (...)



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