082_CENTRAL CAMPUS Aalto University

The ARTery

Arteries are menbraneous and elastic channels with ramifications that carry blood from the heart to all the organs of the body.

On our Campus, the artery is the generator of the entire project, is a continuous, flexible space that connects all buildings on different plants and in different ways, with the aim of creating a space that provides the processes of creation, innovation and distribution or transmission of knowledge and social interaction (a space for inspiration, learning, drink, talk, rest and also STUDY) an area of exchange and collaboration.

A series of open/closed/porous spaces, continuous and elastic, link the buildings, connecting and invading them, provided with a high spatial quality and purposeful furniture, lighting, acoustics, color (yellow; representative of communication, spontaneity, enthusiasm, expressiveness and sociability), etc.

This central space will positively influence the motivation, performance, study, research, health and welfare of the entire academic community and, therefore, the interaction and MIXING between different users (teachers, researchers, students, technologists, managers, administrative, social and economic agents, publics and privates) from different disciplines that will share resources, knowledge, areas of interest, etc. The goal is generate equipment and informal and spontaneous processes that foster collaboration, creativity and innovation, all taking place in a changing space, flexible enough to respond and adapt itself to new requirements still unforeseen.

The design of the ARTery went through different transformations focused on:

– Invade and infect different interior spaces, crossing, communicating and joining them….
– Expand and collapse, by varying the pressure of the ARTery which is what produces the “pulse” and reflects the academic (heart) activity.
– Jump from different  bridges that work as route  shortcuts, connections of organs of similar uses, areas without a defined programme or for interaction and rest.
– Manifest in façade to illuminate ventilate and go outside to create open air  squares in height making the building sweat through its interaction with the environment.
– Branch out to convert  into a network of pores that can absorbe the outside air and mix all knowledge areas.
– Connect with all the levels , the terrain and the most puclic and commercial buried podium using large empty spaces next to vertical communication cores.

Marcos Parga_PO2 Arquitectos / Year: 2013 / Location: Helsinki, Finland / Program: Educational / Type: International Competition. Honorable Mention / Client: Aalto University / Size: 52.000m2