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088_Library & Archive

(...) The new Library and Archive will be an urban scale building but with a certain domestic component, an antidote to monotony, a catalyst for proactive attitudes, an environment where nothing is as it is expected to be (or is...), where to think and do differently, where being a user invites you to participate, and where the prevailing heterogeneity is capable of accommodating any future strategy related to the cultural field.
In its design we have incorporated some of the properties of the so-called “complex adaptive systems”: it is a complex building in the sense that it is diverse and made up of multiple interconnected elements; and adaptive, because it has the ability to change and learn from experience, responding to new requirements at all times.
To do this, we have developed an open source configuration system at a general level that has allowed us to test different results until we get the most appropriate according to the needs specified in the brief, but which at the same time incorporates enough flexibility to face future variations.

Year: 2016 / Location: Paracuellos de Jarama. Madrid, Spain / Program: Educational / Type: Open Competition / Client: City of Paracuellos de Jarama / Size: 2.854m2

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