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058_Nowy Teatr. Warsaw, Poland

We try to bring the experience of performing arts, art and culture to society.
To do this we challenge the traditional (and institutional) cultural space: closed, autonomous, private and isolated. We will use an architecture that is able to establish closer relations between art and viewer, a viewer will have to disappear as such and transform their passive role in active, thus educating their consciousness of being one more piece of the chain. The aim is to bring artistic experience into everyday reality, incorporate to one’s life a contemporary aesthetic experience, within a preexisting industrial building, flexible, transformable, adaptable, transparent, active, continuous and at the same time austere and economical.
The project is performed with the firm intention of combining the exceptional nature of a center as the Nowy Teatr, where the breadth and variety of program activities and uses serve to enrich the daily life of both the artistic and cultural context of the city and society, stimulating their integration into everyday life in the neighborhood.

Marcos Parga_PO2 Arquitectos / Year: 2009 / Location: Warsaw, Poland / Program: Cultural, Mixed Use / Type: International Competition. 4th Prize / Client: Nowy Teatr Warszawa / Size: 8.300m2

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