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093_A Shed Anyway

A Shed Anyway is a strategic design for a community asset in a typical American suburb - a neighborhood filled with vast swathes of single-family houses and a few resultant odd plots - in the city of Syracuse, NY.

Understood as a strategic and replicable design, it builds on previous experiences of social movements and civic initiatives that utilize urban agriculture coupled with other activities to support and strengthen existing communities.

The proposal uses architecture to envision new systems of social infrastructure that ensure equitable access to urban rights in the form of socio-spatial networks.

The new constructions are intended to work as all-year-round community greenhouses, built on some of the multiple vacant City-owned plots in marginalized areas, as part of an ongoing public initiative jointly led by the School of Architecture, Syracuse Land Bank, and the City of Syracuse. The goal is to create a network of available sheds ready for all kinds of unprogrammed social interactions intentionally placed throughout Syracuse’s most vulnerable neighborhoods.

A Shed Anyway also explores the potential of Architecture as a resource in addressing social injustice in our cities and its crucial role in the implementation of new methods of regenerative neighborhood development.


Year: 2020-21 / Location: Syracuse NY, US / Program: Community Winter-Garden / Type: Comission

Status: Proposal (on-going) / Client: Grassroots initiative / Size: 1.000sf, replicable


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