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095_The Montessori Shed Project

Nature provides one of the biggest driving forces of curiosity and exploration while offering rich sensorial experiences for children.  For this reason, nature has always been an integral part of the Montessori learning process. Montessori education draws a deep connection between nature and childhood development.  Children come to appreciate nature and all that it has to offer.
Dr. Maria Montessori considered the outdoor environment an extension of the indoor classroom. According to her philosophy, the natural world provided endless possibilities for experiential learning.
The Montessori Method stresses immersion in nature because of its effects on the growth of the whole child. Nature enriches the life of each child by supporting physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.
By increasing a child’s interactions with the natural world, Montessori guides and Montessori parents are promoting the child’s development as a young naturalist. Spending more time in nature will also influence the child to lead an environmentally responsible lifestyle throughout childhood and into adulthood, as well.
The Shed Project builds on the experience of A Shed Anyway and, in collaboration with The Montessori School of Syracuse, aims to provide the students and the surrounding community with a space within which they can come together and keep learning from nature during the cold months of the year.
The construction of the future deep-winter-garden will involve participants in the Build Ready program at SUNY EOC (State University of NY Educational Opportunity Center) and its management will be supported by non-profit local organizations like Alchemical Nursery (Regenerative Urban Landscapes and Lifestyles).

Year: 2022 / Location: Syracuse, NY, US / Program: Deep-Winter-Greenhouse / Type: Comission / Status: Proposal (on-going) / Client: Montessori School of Syracuse / Size: 1.300sf

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