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080_Habitat Futura

“When watching My Uncle, who has not felt that unsettling presence,

continuous and latent, which, voluntarily if you will,

tyrannizes the Arpels until annulling any hypothetical initiative?”

The question is posed by Iñaki Ábalos in the chapter dedicated to the positivist house in his book “The Good Life”, recalling how Tati’s film was, at the end of the 50s, one of the most intelligent criticisms that have been made of the way we think, design and inhabit the house advocated by modern orthodoxy.
Contrasting two lifestyles (that of the uncle, Monsieur Hulot, in an old and bizarre house in the center of Paris, and that of the Arpels, occupants of a brand-new villa on the city outskirts), Tati shows us the resounding oblivion in that positivist thought (“man must advance towards a perfect society, without conflicts, organized by science”) buries those sensory stimuli that make the idea of ​​environment possible, through which architecture is capable of embracing the intuition that everyone has about the world.
Like Mr. Hulot (Tati), with this project we try to reveal our commitment to diversity as opposed to the prevailing uniformity, the return to a certain militant individualism that, in the face of the tyrannical veil of residential architecture that surrounds us, advocates for those “annoying” domestic eruptions as the true value of our proposal.

Marcos Parga_PO2 Arquitectos / Year: 2012 / Location: Vallecas, Madrid, Spain / Program: Affordable Housing / Type: Open Competition. 2nd Prize / Client: EMVS Madrid / Size: 13.805m2

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