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079_nONE: Norvento Enerxia Headquarters

A single gesture that unifies image and concept defines our proposal: the building will be an extension of the ground, and the the ground will give it all its benefits. The aim is to obtain a solid volume, contained, perfectly integrated, protected from climatic imbalances by being endowed with thermal inertia, and with the firm purpose of conveying the feeling of working immersed in nature. This initial conceptual sincerity will accompany us throughout the development of the project, to obtain a balanced, sincere and concrete final product, sustainable, with a high degree of flexibility and predisposition to change. We have verified that projecting from the ground has innumerable advantages.
When in an association all the parties take advantage of life in common, this is called SYMBIOSIS. That is precisely the type of relationship that must occur between the building and the land: the new offices find their place half-buried under the thick green cover that, like a suspended piece of terrain, conditions them climatically and integrates them into the surrounding environment, reducing the visual impact of the whole and maintaining the horizontality of the landscape.

Year: 2011 / Location: Lugo, Spain / Program: Office / Type: Invited Competition. 4th Prize /

Client: Norvento Enerxia / Size: 3.715m2


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