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066_Museum of the Romanization


The Quarters of San Fernando identifies a place that most of the inhabitants of Lugo know, but for them it went unnoticed for years. They have become accustomed to his mute and unalterable presence (it’s been over 200 years since its construction and nearly 10 since it was abandoned), and assumed that, despite occupy a privileged position within the Roman Wall, it’s walls have remained impassable due to their restricted military function.
The future construction of the Interpretation Center and Museum of Romanization in this site is a good opportunity to change things. Soon the building will take its place among the landmarks of the city, becoming a cultural enclave that will take advantage of its position to become a focus of public activity that will enrich the daily lives of citizens and visitors, providing a stimulating mix of urban uses.
Our objective will therefore convert the unit and closed caracter of the existing building into a lively center for lovers and students of the Roman world, but also for those attracted by spontaneous or planned activities taking place inside. It is about to designing a building to Lugo that besides being a reference in the archaeological dissemination becomes a modern forum filled with constant activity: a socio-cultural “implant” that contribute to the revival of this part of the city.
To achieve this we believe that the first step should be to restore the courtyard as a public space, open, a continuation of the street from which can be accessed free to enjoy everything offered by the center, a meeting point which offers its protection to visitors and simultaneously becomes the entrance to the building, the key piece that articulates the military past with an exciting cultural future.

Marcos Parga_PO2 Arquitectos / Year: 2010 / Location: Lugo, Spain / Program: Museum / Type: Open Competition / Client: Xunta de Galicia / Size: 7.855m2

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