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064_School of Civil Engineering

In this project, form and circumstances that surround the site, together with the type of activities that are going to be developed in the building, became the starting points that we use to define the proposal: we move between the functional precision detailed in the program and the long, narrow, and sloped plot.
The way in which the building is organized internally or is placed with respect to the sun and on the original terrain, its accesses, its shape factor, its compactness or interior density, its volumetry, material and color, are basic decisions that will determine the final result, testing its effectiveness.
For all these reasons, we decided that the building sits along the site, adapting and taking advantage of the topography in our favor to access it through the intermediate floor, which is the one that absorbs the highest occupancy rate (containing classrooms and seminars). At this level, a large square is located as a prelude to the main access.
Also taking advantage of the unevenness of the lateral street, we located the loading dock access for materials and machinery on the lower level of it, directly and at the same level as the lower floor of the building where the laboratories are located.

Marcos Parga_PO2 Arquitectos / Year: 2009 / Location: Lugo, Spain / Program: Educational / Type: National Competition. 1st Prize / Client: Xunta de Galicia / Size: 4.400m2 / Budget: 4.000.000 euros

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