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060_Spa Baiona

The Parador of Baiona is located in the Monterreal peninsula, a prime piece of land that runs into the sea concealed by a stone defensive wall on top of which a narrow footpath is open to the general public.
The aim of our intervention is to complete the offer of the Parador de Turismo building with a Spa Center on the northern side of the plot, the furthest from the main entrance which is currently occupied by an underused tennis court.
We decided to adapt the new building to the topography, taking advantage of the slope and occupying the available volume of the tennis court. Thus, the new roof becomes an extension of the area surrounding the pool, moving toward the sea and multiplying its possible uses (solarium, viewpoint, mini-golf, events and outdoor celebrations area, etc.). At the same time, we eliminate the existing volume of locker room + facilities (integrating them into the new building), opening this area to the best views.
Underneath this platform we place the new SPA, with a main floor emerging in continuity as a fold to separate from the ground and up slightly on the public walkway to ensure some privacy and, at the same time, reducing the dimension of the final excavation, and in addition to bringing lightness to building.
This same folded surface that determine floor and roof deforms itself responding to the multiple functional requirements, resulting in a building that seeks to balance the need to merge with the surroundings dominated by the presence of the Parador and the sea, and the aim of becoming a landmark of contemporary architecture in the area. This balance is achieved adding a new building that “disappears”, becoming part of the new topography, reinforcing the role of the existing building and turning it into a sort of background for the city of Baiona.

Marcos Parga_PO2 Arquitectos / Year: 2007 / Location: Baiona, Spain / Program: Mixed Use / Type: Invited Competition. Runner-up / Client: Paradores de Turismo de España / Size: 1.225m2

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