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046_City of Justice. Admissions & Services Building

We still do not know if it was something positive, but strangely enough, much of the work that usually is developed during the early stages of a project, in this case was resolved in the very terms of the competition. We didn’t have to worry about the location within the plot, the building footprint (circle of radius 44 m ), the ation of the main entrance and driveway, the building’s maximum height (20.20m), and the program of the different floor levels, exhaustively detailed in the brief.
In this scenario, we were very impressed with the variety of uses that the building should house, both in number and type, and that must operate  independently of each other. This also lead to accomodate a large number of visitors from different characteristics using the building simultaneously throughout the day.
From the beginning we thought that this intrinsic diversity should be reflected in the resulting volume, which necessarily imply a general rescheduling that allowed us to replace the extended program horizontally on each floor by vertical stacks containing the same type of use, degree of accessibility and type of user.

Marcos Parga_PO2 Arquitectos / Year: 2013 / Location: Madrid, Spain / Program: Mixed Use / Type: International Competition. 3rd Prize / Client: Comunidad de Madrid / Size: 32.300m2 / Budget: 50.760.000 euros

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