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039_The Neighbour's House

Back in March 2006, one of our neighbors asked us to design a house that he and his family were planning to build in Escalona (Toledo), a small fortified village an hour away from Madrid.
The selected site was boxed in by other small buildings and irregular plots without interest, but because of its situation on the edge of the town, one side was defined by the medieval wall that imposed its presence with its almost 8 meters high and 1.5 meters thick. This wall was further protected by The National Heritage Institute as a cultural monument.
After a short walk through the village we discovered, with some concern, that the client was attracted by popular architecture of Toledo-style and Mudejar reminiscences, where the brick, the masonry, the wrought-iron grille and the large cornices with coffered wood appeared as a star elements to be consider, that is to say, they were essential.
After a few conversations, discussing some of our previous work, they decided to put themselves in our hands, starting an uncertain journey into the realms of architecture.

Marcos Parga_PO2 Arquitectos / Year: 2009 / Location: Escalona, Spain / Program: Housing / Type: Comision / Client: Private / Size: 240m2 / Images: Ira Lombardia

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