Void is a collaboration between MAPAa and multidisciplinary artist Ira Lombardia (www.iralombardia.com).
It consists of building a physical frame, a temporary stage for social (media) interaction, for one of the art installations to be shown as part of the artist’s upcoming and first solo exhibition in the US.
This ephemeral construction digs into Lombardia’s current practice that emerges out of photography’s expanded field to focus on the transformation of the postmodern paradigm in relation to the digital visual culture. In particular, she reflects on the impact and value of photographic art documentation and how those images are produced, distributed, and consumed, to grasp how these fluctuations affect the meanings and ideologies hidden behind images and define our idea of art.
The architectural proposal echos Lombardia’s work as “visual ecologist” and builds on her use of appropriation to construct meanings that can arouse in between groups of images to unveil unexpected links, connections, conflicts and contradictions.

Following the artist’s request, more details about the proposal will be revealed after the opening day, postponed until fall 2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic.



Year: 2020-21 / Location: TBA / Program: Art Installation / Type: Comission

Status: on-going / Client: TBA / Size: 315sf